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We minimize your risk and maximize your return on retiring computer equipment



Our strategy is to Reuse and Recycle.

Re-use. The core business of Newmarket is computer re-use. By refurbishing and reselling systems, Newmarket helps to extend the useful life of computers and reduce the demand on resources required to produce new units.

An added benefit is that used computers are available to organizations and individuals that cannot afford or do not have access to new technology.


Recycle. When computer equipment processed by Newmarket is "beyond economical repair"; it is recycled for its material value as described in Process and Test section of this web page. The recycling of hazardous materials during the computer recycling process warrants special care and attention:

Hazardous Material Recycling

There are hazardous raw materials contained in virtually all computer systems:

  • Lead in the glass tube of color monitors
  • Heavy metals in the systems printed circuit boards
  • Acids and heavy metals contained in batteries

When equipment can no longer be used for its originally intended purpose and disposal is required, specific procedures must be followed to avoid damage to the environment. Of special concern to computer recyclers is the leakage of heavy metals into the public water supply from electronic scrap placed in landfills. Newmarket minimizes this environmental liability (for Newmarket and our customers) by strictly adhering to OSHA and Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) requirements governing the generation, collection and disposal of hazardous materials.

All suppliers qualified to handle and process material for Newmarket that could contain hazardous material meet the following criteria:

  • Proper recycling certifications
  • Possess all necessary state and local permits
  • Prohibit the export hazardous waste

Newmarkets procedures have been audited and approved by the vendor qualification teams from our largest customers.


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