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  IT Asset Recovery
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We minimize your risk and maximize your return on retiring computer equipment

Newmarket recycles and resells computer equipment that has been replaced or returned from lease.

Newmarket ITs asset recovery services provide significant economic benefits to our customers through maximized product recoveries and minimized processing costs. In addition, Newmarket IT reduces the legal, environmental and security risks associated with I.T. asset retirement.


        CONFIDENCE                                      CONVENIENCE

?Issue Certificates of Data                                         Full Service Offering
Destruction or Environmentally     
Responsible Disposal                                              End-of-Lease Refresh Management
                                                                             including Returns to Lessor
Comprehensive Data Security               
Options with Validation of Success                          Full Downstream Audit Reporting

7-year history of operational service                          Internal Ownership of Remarketing
excellence and Financial Stability                            results in faster turn and faster payment

CONSCIENCE                                      COST

Issue Certificates of Environmental                            Highest Unit Return Values
                                                                              We Buy!  No Consignment
Extensive Downstream Recycling
for Metals, Glass and Plastics                                  Rapid Reconcialtion with Full Transparency

Remarketing Compliant with all U.S.                          ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 Certified
Export and Trade Regulations
                                                                              Management Controls = Low Cost
Highly Ethical Culture



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